12 March 2005

Enlightened Motorist

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"He [Axl Rose] accompanied Buckethead on a jaunt to Disneyland when the guitarist was drifting toward quitting, several people involved recalled; then Buckethead announced he would be more comfortable working inside a chicken coop, so one was built for him in the studio, from wood planks and chicken wire."



Anonymous said...

bluddy fukin hell. gn'fn'r article is archived now and costs 2.99
us which is maybe worth the price. those bastards. wheres the neocyberpunk "information is free" hacker jamz when you need them.

Monsieur H. Attaque said...

Dude, the NYT's gotta make money somehow... but, yeah, I fuckin' HATE it when news outlets/mags charge for articles online... just go to the library, look it up in Lexis Nexus & pay the Concs a dime for a copy - SIMPLE.

Monsieur H. Attaque said...

From Sunday, March 6 front page of Arts section.