04 June 2005

Thirty Years of Maximum R&B

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"... Conservatism in the United States, for instance, has now become almost entirely a matter of campaigning around the world against regimes it doesn't like. Which seems to me to be a dodge. It doesn't help the fact that [at home in the US] schools teach rubbish, marriage is breaking down, that society is [inaudible]. What I have come to value above all things is liberty and liberty of conscience, without which we don't seem to me to be able to survive. The assault on the liberty of the subject and the citizen under the guise of this war against terror seems to me to be deeply shocking. To find in my lifetime that habeas corpus and the presumption of innocence are under threat and that we're going to be compelled to carry identity cards because we will have to be responsible to the state rather than the other way round - all as consequences of this supposed idealist campaign to bring liberty to Iraq and Afghanistan - seems to me much more important than flanneling away about how you dislike oppression abroad. We can do an awful lot about combating it at home." - Peter Hitchens via JR

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Anonymous said...

what the bloody fuck. it seems pretty much that the event structure of this one is gonna run ripples across our world for years and years to come. deeply disturbing. this insurgency is basically beating the most powerful army on earth. what would they be like against a civilian population if they had to. on a much more trivial note...raimondo is doin' a real good hst style thing in this particular collumn. good post hatch, 8/10