26 April 2007

Pilsner Trail

USA 2004

Britain 2007

France 2007

Only countries with long, solid, liberal democratic traditions such as Mexico and Germany are safe (at least from my arrival).

12 April 2007

That Was the Best Playoff Game I've Ever Seen the Sens Play

I remember games 5 & 6 of the Conference Semis against the Flyers in 2003 being pretty good as well... but I think this was better. This was how I hoped they'd play, but never really believed they could. And they'll get better from here on in.

Also - Crosby was offside on the disallowed (4-2) goal. [Thanks to whoever uploaded this, from wherever I found it... maybe @ hfboards.com]

10 April 2007

A couple of links visited while bored at work this morning (the reading the internet at work thing is... kind of sad, I'd much rather have meaningful work):

http://battleofontario.blogspot.com/ - a Sens blog... that's interesting and well visited. Very glad to have found it. I hope it gets me "focused and serious" for tomorrow night's game, these being the conditions for admission to the "controlled environment"for watching the game on cable. Unfortunatley, I don't believe things will go well tomorrow. Wise words such as "a Bryan Murray playoff team is about as versatile as 50 Cent's acting career" will, in my opinion, be proven once again.
http://nhl.aolsportsblog.com/ - more on hockey, shockingly good... all the playoff previews are worth reading, if only for the links at the end of each piece.

05 April 2007

Adventures in the Noosphere

What "face" does Dr. Hilarius make that drives people insane?