22 February 2005

A Bird In the Hand

This is the last "bottle list" I made as a "Packer" at Loeb Glebe. More than six years, and sadly my handwriting has not improved.

This guy is fucking awesome! Anything that makes Jack Chick make more comics is a good thing. An exhaustive Chick Parody Archive.

My last mention of Eklund. I'm not sure this even merits comment, except as another example of "bloggers" changing the way news is reported or created, depending on your level of cynicism.

This is the archive of Hunter S. Thompson's ESPN column, Hey Rube.

For those of you who need your hockey fix, because, let's face it: it's OVER folks, Eastside Hockey Manager has been a free favourite of mine for a couple of years now, addictive and endlessly customisable, it comes highly recommended.

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