26 February 2005

The Dose Makes the Poison

Cicero's De Natura Deorum: "...the gods are the gods. Just don't fuck with them. None of what they do makes much sense. Who cares. You want the rain to come or not?". Interesting reading, but then again, I like Cicero.

BBC Radio Four continues to amaze. A weekly ritual, downloading In Our Time - this week's topic is Alchemy (Science ou Charlatanisme, indeed) - led to my screwing around with the site for a while. I found a series of Lectures given by Wole Soyinka, The Climate of Fear, which is predictably awesome. The files are in RealAudio format, so you'll need RealAlternative, unless you're using a Mac, then you're on your own (and probably OK anyway). There's enough good stuff on there to prove clich├ęs: something for everyone.

Hilarious Query Letters pitched to someone in Hollywood, written up in blog form.

More very dry, very terrifying reading - US financial collapse? For the last 60 years or so, they've had the money and the guns. Soon, they'll only have the guns. The Bank of Korea is already moving away from the Dollar... the cork's out of the bottle.

Wacky opinion piece from the Telegraph that made me laugh out loud. Frightening opinion piece from the Herald-Tribune which did not. Just wait for Bird Flu, a Dark Winter? Insane opinion piece (on the same topic) from web site run by conspiracy theorist, misogynist Welfare-Liberterians. What does any of this have to do with "Father's Rights"?

Anyone who hasn't seen the recent Fifth Estate programme Sticks and Stones should do so. Two priceless moments:
This is the infamous University of Maryland report showing what happens to your brain on Fox News. Rogers will be picking it up soon, and I'll spend hours transfixed by the insanity (yes, it's really that bad).

A recent article in the Sunday Times, (I've lnked to The Australian's version since Rupert Murdoch won't make me pay to read it's articles online) was the wildly improbable tale of an Iraqi sniper who learned his craft from Playstation and watching JFK. I'd like this to be true. A quote:
"Later, the sheiks treated him to a large lunch where Pepsi flowed like water."
[It seems the article's been removed from their server - this link should work]


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