11 February 2005

Fly On The Wall

It seems experimental electronic music goes back a lot futher than I knew:


Essays and articles relating to this:

In case anyone's concerned, the diary of poor and bizzarre service at the Tim Horton's below the offce continues...

"Schnappi das kleine Krokodil" - a young girl's song about a small crocodile by the name of "Snappy"... the site seems to be written in Flemish.


Ryan Francis said...

I like your site and i would like to know how you got the pictures on your site ive got pisca2 and hello those programs are supposed to help me out with putting pics on my blog but i cant seem to get them on my e-mail is Jesfun1234@hotmail.com and my blog is cocacolaskittlesryan.blogspot.com

Monsieur H. Attaque said...


(1) you'll have to learn some basic html, how to embed images. Google will provide for your needs.

(2) Create an account on an image hosting site, such as www.photobucket.com. Then, your images there for you, whenever and however you choose to use 'em.

(3) I use a program called "XnView" (again, Google is yr friend) to resize the images appearing here.

Hope this help and glad of the comment, T.