13 February 2005

Third Uncle

"We're probably living at the end of civilization." - I like this guy.

Q: What do you call a can of
A: Even more proof that Red State America is full of deeply stupid people.

  • More about regional dialects, for the United States, and for Canada. I, of course, speak God's Own Tongue, or the Eastern Ontario dialect, sadly without even a hint of Valley Twang. My favourite Montréalism, "All-Dressed" ("Combination") Pizza, features promimently.
  • You can also hear the many quaint and curious ways foreigners use; vain attempts at fair language.
An American citizenship test, which is absurdly simple. I defy anyone to get less than 10/10.

Some interesting stuff from the Christian Science Monitor, which despite it's often kooky editorials, is a fine source of news:

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cheesemaster3000 said...

8/10 is apparently enough to become an american