13 February 2005

Rave Reviews for @=

"Your own blacknus is the heavs" - Ellis Island, Jr. (no relation).

"I find your photo very appealing and would like to get to know you better" - cheesemaster3000

"I like your site and i would like to know how you got the pictures on your site..." - ryan francis

"Fuck You!" - anonymous (posted by "Captain Obvious, King of the Wankers" to @= at 2/14/05 01:42:55 AM)

"hatch, whats going on man?....yikes/...." - a

"FOCUS MAN!" - Eric Carlson, Revolutionary

"What the hell is that?!" - Jigger

"After a long day of running from the hordes of assholes and their asshole kids trying to steal his pot of gold and lucky charms, Steve decided that it's better to be a short Irishmen with a pint to console him, than an Irishman locked into his house with nothing but reruns of stereotypical Irish with Scottish mixed in, type movies." - lynn

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