28 April 2005

Will the Atomic Bomb Ever Be Perfected, and If So, What Becomes of Robert Heinlein?

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After watching an excellent documentary about Philip K. Dick, I did some searching:
  • Real Audio version of the Hour 25 interview from 1977, in 1 & 2 & 3 parts. [Begins by going on, at length, about how he doesn't want to act as literary critic, then comments, at length, on the nature, history, and current-to-'77 state of SF. From there...]
    • Hour 25 rules! The audio archive contains hours of interviews with well-known SF authours. Listened to a couple of interviews with Kim Stanley Robinson (whose doctoral thesis was about PKD), a lively discussion of global warming, his critique of the SF publishing industry and, mass-market culture... plus the host works at JPL or something, highly recomended!
  • An oldtime radio version of "Colony".
  • A copy of "How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart In Two Days".
When something as inherently progressive as SF retreats and loses it, what' s left?


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